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Types of Flea and Tick Medications

Over the Counter Medications

Medication Name Species How to Give Controls
Effitix Plus Dog Topical Fleas, Ticks, Mosquitoes
Cheristin Cat Topical Fleas
Capstar Cat & Dog Oral Fleas
Frontline Gold Cat Topical Flea & Tick

Prescription Required Medications

Medication Name Species How to Give Controls
Parasedge Multi Dog & Cat Topical Fleas, Heartworms, Hook, Round, & Whip Worms
Bravecto (3 or 1 month available) Dog Oral Flea & Tick
Bravecto Cat Topical Flea & Tick
Credelio Dog & Cat Oral Flea & Tick
Heartgard Plus Dog Oral Heartworms, Hook & Round Worms
Interceptor Plus Dog Oral Heartworms, Hook, Round, Whip Worms, & Tapeworms
Nexgard Dog Oral Flea & Tick
Revolution Plus Cat Topical Fleas, Heartworms, Ticks, Hook & Round Worms, Ear Mites
Sentinel Spectrum Dog Oral Fleas, Heartworms, Hook, Round, Whip Worms, & Tapeworms
Simparica Dog Oral Flea & Tick
Simparica Trio Dog Oral Flea, Tick, Heartworms, Hook Worms & Round Worms
Trifexis Dog Oral Fleas, Heartworms, Hook, Round, & Whip Worms

Florida Aid to Animals does not approve any online prescriptions, via fax or phone.

Any physical written prescription is subject to a $10 service fee.

After the prescription fee has been paid, you may pick up the prescription in person or the written prescription can be mailed to the address on your file.

Thank you for your understanding.
Florida Aid to Animals

Any questions about these preventives please call one of our locations

Florida Law requires that your pet be an established patient of Florida Aid to Animals. An established patient is defined as a patient has been seen at FATA, by one of our doctors, within the past calendar year, have a current Rabies Vaccination, and a negative Heartworm Test once a year.

Only Canine patients are required to have a heartworm test to purchase heartworm prevention

If your pet’s vaccines & heartworm test were done at another clinic and are still current we are happy to accept and record official veterinarian documents that prove such. You can schedule an exam to establish your pet with one of the FATA doctors to purchase medications at one of our two FATA locations or over the phone at the respective numbers listed below.

We apologize for any inconvenience, however, we are NOT permitted to sell prescription medications to anyone who is not an established client/patient. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you find an over the counter preventative option best suited to your cat's/dog's needs until such time that your pet can established with us.

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