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FATA Pets on Beach

Brevard County Pet-Friendly Places

Brevard County, FL offers many outdoor or pet-friendly places to bring your furriest family member - check them out!

Anytime you take your pet out to dog friendly areas, your dog could be exposed to diseases and or parasites. Our doctors recommend your dog be currently vaccinated for the following diseases: Rabies vaccine, Distemper/parvo vaccine (DHPP or DHLPP), Kennel cough vaccine, and Canine influenza. Also, your dog should receive prevention for heartworm disease, flea, and tick prevention monthly.

To see if your dog is up to date on the above, call the clinic or download our app.

***As of December 2023, there is a new type of Canine Respiratory Illness. No current vaccine or treatment currently. Please use caution when taking your pet to dog friendly areas where other dogs will be. For more information, please go to the FVMA or AVMA websites.

Dog Parks

Trails, Parks, & Beaches

Restaurants & Breweries


If you are a local business that is pet-friendly and wish to be recommended by Florida Aid to Animals - contact us!

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