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Financial Aid Grant Acknowledgement

Financial Aid Grant

Florida Aid to Animals (FATA) is a small Non-profit, vet clinic founded over 30 years ago to help our community better afford basic, necessary health care for their dogs and cats. FATA does not receive funds from any Government Agency, but we do try to help low-income pet owners that cannot afford our regular cost-effective prices.  Our Financial Aid Grant funds are limited and are based on donations to FATA or our own fund-raising efforts.

Owning a pet is a huge responsibility and it comes with financial and time commitments. When you own a pet, you have made the decision to provide for this pet for its entire life. We recommend you save a few dollars each week to cover the medical needs of this pet.

If you are seeking a Financial Aid Grant, please read the requirements carefully and thoroughly.

Financial Aid Grant Information

  • Must be reapplied for each time
  • Is not guaranteed
  • You must contribute financially to your pet’s bill
  • Approved and scheduled Financial Aid Appointments – MUST be canceled or rescheduled 24 hours before the appointment time
  • No call/No show for Financial Aid Appointments will result in loss of ALL Financial Aid
  • New pets – After you have applied for a Financial Aid Grant, if you choose to get a new pet, this new pet will NOT be covered in future Financial Aid Grants.
  • If false information or documents are provided, this will result in the loss of ALL Financial Aid.
  • Being polite to our very busy staff is a must.

Financial Aid Grant Checklist

All forms listed below are required for you grant to be considered and must be submitted to the following email [email protected], dropped off at the clinic, or mailed to the clinic.

  1. Fill out the application
  2. Copy of your Driver’s License or ID
  3. Copy of last pay stub
  4. All pages of the last tax return for all members of your household
  5. Copy the last two bank statements for all members of your household
  6. If you are unemployed: a copy of your SSI or SSDI benefit letter or proof of any federal or state assistance, or unemployment benefits letter, or W2 or 1099 from the employer for all members of your household.
  7. Copy of your approval/denial letter from CareCredit

Food Stamp Cards are not acceptable proof of low income.

Please understand the demand for Financial Aid Grants is high and the funds are low.

By signing this form, state that I have read all the information above, I have provided all the necessary forms and information to FATA, and I will be contributing to my pet’s medical bill. I also, confirm that all the information and documentation, I have provided is true, up to date, and correct.

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