Surgery Services

Surgery prices include pain medication. During the pre-surgery exam, if we find any evidence of fleas on your pet we will give your pet a Capstar pill ($5) to keep our surgery environment sterile.

Please note that when you call to schedule your pet for surgery you will be asked for a deposit to hold the spot. It is not an extra charge, it comes off the price of the surgery - $50 for dogs, dentals, or declaws and $20.00 for cats. You must give a 48-hour notice of cancellation or reschedule to retain your deposit.


Canine Procedures

Up to 25lbs $65
25-40lbs $75
41-55lbs $85
56-70lbs $95
71-85lbs $105
86-100lbs $115
Over 100lbs Per Dr.
*Crypt Charges to be determined by Doctor
Up to 25lbs $75
25-40lbs $85
41-55lbs $95
56-70lbs $105
71-85lbs $115
86-100lbs $125
Over 100lbs Per Dr.
*In Heat or Pregnant charges determined by Doctor

Other Procedures

Canine Vaccines:
1 Year Rabies. $12
3 Year Rabies $20
DHLPP (Distemper) $18
Bordatella (Kennel Cough) $18
Heartworm Test $25
Feline Vaccines:
1 Year Rabies $12
3 Year Rabies  $20
FVRCP (Distemper) $18
FELV (Leukemia) $20
FELV/FIV Combo Test  $25

Feline Procedures

Spay (any size)  $45
Neuter (any size) $30
Gas Down for a hard to handle cat $30
Declaw $200
Declaw with Altering  $175 + cost of Altering
*Additional charges for pregant felines
*Crypt charges to be determined by Doctor
*Dentals (Available for both Cats & Dogs):
Under 45lbs $115
Over 45lbs $135
Extraction $18
*Depending on age, call for details* Only altered pets!
 Cherry Eye  $75
Cherry Eye with Altering $65+ Cost of Alter
Hernia Repair $20
Office Visit $25
Tags (Altered) $10
Tags (Unaltered) $16
Nail Trim $8-$13
Ear Cleaning $8
Ear Swab $12
Anal Glands Expressed $15
Urinalysis $25
Eye Stain $15
Clean Wound $20
Fecal $15
Skin Scrape $15
Q Release $30
Fax Q Release $5
Travel Certificate (Continental US Only) $30
Microchip $35
 * Heartworm Prevention and De-worming can only be sold to patients with up-to-date Heartworm Test and Rabies at one of our clinics.  We cannot sell to other clinic's patients.